Landscapes & Seascapes For Sale – Artist’s Support Pledge

Landscapes & Seascapes for sale with Artist Support Pledge. This is a newly established scheme running on Instagram. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have found themselves without work opportunities to generate income. Art events and gallery exhibitions have suddenly disappeared for the foreseeable future. Once an artist has reached £1000 of sales they pledge to buy another artist’s work for £200. On this post are some landscapes & Seascapes for sale at studio prices. Please see previous two posts for Still Life paintings and Life Drawings which Delia is offering for sale as part of this Initiative. Some are Framed.

Each work in this post is priced at £200 (not including postage & packaging).

Please contact Delia if you are interested in purchasing work.

Italian Landscape I oil on muslin board 21 x 27 cm (Framed 34 x 40 cm ) £200 + p&p SOLD

Italian Landscape IV oil on muslin board 21 x 27 cm (Framed 34 x 40 cm) £200 + p&p SOLD

Cyclist in the Mountains oil on muslin board 27 x 21 cm (Framed 36 x 30 cm) £200 + p&p

Watching the Fishermen oil on board 33 x 30 cm (Framed 44 x 41 cm) £200 + p&p SOLD

Footpath to the River oil on canvas 21 x 21 cm (Framed 27 x 27 cm) £200 + p&p

Coastal Footpath oil on board 13 x 24 cm (Framed 21 x 32 cm) £200 + p&p

Footpath by the Lake oil on board 13 x 18 cm (Framed 23 x 28 cm) £200 + p&p

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