Life Drawing Group

Life Drawing Group in Rendlesham

Delia regularly worked with the model whilst studying for her Fine Art Degree at Suffolk College (UEA) and life drawing became an essential part of her practice. After art school there is little opportunity to practice life drawing so she decided to organise some untutored life drawing days where artists could come together and work from the model without tuition.

Delia says it's the most challenging subject for an artist

“Some artists do not miss a session, others choose to come every now and again, it works really well and we have wonderful professional models. It’s nice to work together as a lot of the working life of an artist is spent in isolation. We talk quite a bit when we get together over coffee and lunch, but while we are working there is an intensity in the room that is very stimulating, it’s difficult to put into words why it works like that, it might be that the figure is the most challenging subject for an artist. The model will hold a variety of timed poses and knowing there is only two minutes or ten minutes makes all the difference. A long pose is a luxury that we all enjoy and can dictate a totally different piece of work.”

New artists are welcome to join

Now in its fifteenth year the group runs fortnightly at Ally Berry's studio, part of Asylum Studios in Rendlesham; it's a great space that can take up to ten artists at a time. New artists are welcome to join, for more information contact Delia.


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