Delia is a figurative painter who lives and works in Ipswich. She paints in oils and exhibits her work in numerous galleries throughout East Anglia and the South of England. Delia studied Art & Design (BA Hons) at Suffolk College (UEA) and then Fine Art with Ken Back. Her paintings are frequently selected for the New English Art Club, Discerning Eye and RA Summer Exhibitions in London. Recent successes include being awarded a Purchase Prize at the Discerning Eye and to have been selected for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize.

Suffolk’s ever changing coastal landscape of enormous skies, wide seas and empty beaches continually inspire Delia’s oil paintings; whether a stormy seascape, a riverbank footpath or a flat expanse of field one or two figures always enliven the scene. Delia’s painting possesses calm, poetic observation coupled with sensitive technique, the work has an uncomplicated quality with enviable light, sure brushwork; a clear vision cleanly painted in close tones with a subtle palette.

Small paintings worked directly from the subject, figures capturing attitude and atmosphere; people on a beach against a luminous sky, intensely felt, are explored further in her studio at home through the larger work. Using the composition found in the smaller paintings, often combining elements from other studies Delia loves simplifying what is there; omitting unnecessary detail, emphasising close tones, using these elements to evoke a mood or atmosphere.

Life drawing is an essential part of Delia’s practise. She organises regular Life Drawing Days in Rendlesham where artists come together and work from the model.

  • Delia Tournay-Godfrey